Fratelli Urbani


As in 1896 even today, after more than hundred years since its founding, the Società Agricola Fratelli Urbani, keeps on guardianing the ancient knowledge handed down from father to son through generations.

Ancient knowledge based on the experience, the deep attention, carried over with passion and love for work, knowing that the story of that bottle of wine now in your hands, begins when the vineyard is planted, continues in time with the first grapes, and year after year, with the work of pruning, mowing grass between the vines, arrangement of branches, coppering and sulfuring, up to the harvesting.

The harvest begins picking ripe grapes carefully sorted by each single named grape variety, to produce varietal wines characterized and usually named with the various vizzati which enhance the flavor and the aromas. The fermentation is performed using traditional methods and what nature and man’s work have been able to do, is than aged in chestnut barrels according to local area tradition, housed in the old cellars where wine may stay even two years before passing the bottling.