Walking through Valdera


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Walking through Valdera

In the surroundings, the paths allow you to immerse yourself in the green countryside, discovering interesting landscapes and towns worthy of a stop. , like Usigliano, with a small but charming Museum of agricultural activities, (with a curious exhibition of nativity scenes) and Sant’Ermo, near the most panoramic site of our itinerary: the sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte. All embellished with views of Casciana Alta with the characteristic Romanesque church of San Nicola in Sessana and the Oratory of the Madonna della Cava. Lari is also famous for cherries, to which the cherry festival has been dedicated for over 60 years (every year in late May-early June. In 2020 it will probably not be carried out due to Covid-19 emergency). In any case, the establishment of the Lari Cherry Protection and Enhancement Committee represented a further step for the revival of cultivation in the Pisan Hills.