On foot



From Filattiera to Bagnone

From Filattiera train station, we walk our path towards Filattiera hamlet, on the top of the hill, not before having checked out the old parish,shortly backward on our path

We initially follow signs of he Via Francigena (white/reds or better yellow with a pilgrim print) all through the first hamlet and the wood behind, then we leave the main track to go reach Mocrone and Malgrate with its beautiful Malaspina castle. Then all th eway down to Bagnone where you can find place at the Hostel La Gutula, and have a great dinner at Locanda La LIna

Pieve di Sorano
REF: VF et al
Ascent (D+): 335
Descent (D-): 240
Distance: 9960
Duration forward: 02:30
Duration backward:
Difficulty: E
Altitude of the departure point: 158
Altitude of the arrival point: 260
Maximum altitude of the track: 325
Minimum altitude of the track: 150