D7 – Puntato loop from La Ceragetta

Directly from our lodge La Ceragetta we take a walk crossing the valley, first across the dam of Isola Santa Lake, then up to the apuan pastures of Puntato, where the nature and the views will let us know about this second mountain range: Apuan Alps are mostly made by marble, and we will visit few spots in order to tell the history of exploitation.
Eventually we will loop back to La Ceragetta, ready to celebrate the end of our walking tour with a dinner in a very panoramic place. 

From: La Ceragetta Resort
To: La Ceragetta Resort
Ascent (D+): 566
Descent (D-): 574
Distance: 9.6
Duration forward:
Duration backward:
Difficulty: E
Altitude of the departure point: 713
Altitude of the arrival point: 713
Maximum altitude of the track: 1000
Minimum altitude of the track: 547