Garfagnana Walking Tour – Classic





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Garfagnana Walking Tour – Classic

Benvenuti in Garfagnana, dove il tempo non scorre

  1. Day1 – Mon 13.6.22 Arrival> transfer from Malpensa Airport to Corfino

    Once you get to Milan, meet our driver with a visible  sign at the ARRIVALS. Trip to Corfino and arrival during the night.
    Luggage pick up  and night at La Baita 
    At a glance: 
    • Transfer duration by bus to Corfino 4hrs 
    • Dinner/facilities : stop on the way Medesano (half-way)
    • Overnight: Albergo La Baita la baita corfino

  2. Day 2. – Tue 14.6.22 _ Trekking into the wild: from the village to the pastures 

    Late breakfast in La Baita, enough to get started:our first  trekking will be on the foothills of mountain Pania di Corfino   and its dramatic limestone slopes. This area is nowadays part  
    of a Natural Reserve, called Orecchiella. 
    We’ll walk up along an ancient path earlier used by sheperds  to transfer their cattles at the higher pastures in late spring. 
    Pic nic style lunch, once we reach the old sheperd settlement  of Campaiana. After lunch we start our descent to Corfino along a path   following “Il Fiume” creek through the beech tree and   chestnut wood. Dinner in La Baita. 
    At a glance: 
    • Trekking lenght: 6hrs (loop) 
    • Elevation Gain: 600mts up, 600mts down 
    • Lunch: Pic nic style (self managed) 
    • Late afternoon: free for relaxing at La Baita 
    • Dinner and Overnight: La Baita, Corfino village
    Campaiana Tradizionale

  3. Day 3- Wed 15.6.22 _ Reaching the peak of Pania di Corfino 

    From La Baita today we explore the former summer-sheperd settlement of Pruno to the western foothills of Pania di Corfino,  in Orecchiella Natural Park. The slopes seem so steep on this  side, but still we will be able to reach up the peak of Pania along a wonderful path carved into the rocks, and gain the panorama  on all Garfagnana valley and the Apuan Alps in front of us. 
    Descending will be easier, in a very well kept Beech-tree  forest,looping back to Pruno and hence to La Baita. 
    At a glance: 
    • Trekking lenght: 6hrs (loop) 
    • Elevation Gain: 800mts up, 800mts down 
    • Lunch: Pic nic style (self managed) 
    • Late afternoon: free for relaxing at La Baita or Corfino visit with Roberto 
    • Dinner and Overnight: La Baita, Corfino village

  4. Day 4- Thu 16.6.22- Garfagnana Market day, Vecchio Mulino and loop around Barga 

    Today it’s time to leave Corfino, and we start with a bus ride down to Castelnuovo garfagnana.Thursday morning is an important appointment to be  
    attended in all Garfagnana Valley. Street Market is on in  
    Castelnuovo. This use is dating back decades, when the weekly  
    market in Castelnuovo was giving a chance to everyone in the   valley to exchange their own products, foods, artcrafts. This will   be a good chance for us as well to get in touch with the “main” centre of the valley, taking advantage of a free stroll into the walled town, and experience the valley life. 
    We will be able to experience local food production in particular during our lunch, a tasting of  several food production at Andrea’s tavern, Il Vecchio Mulino. (The Old Mill). With such good taste in our mouths we’ll be then ready to shuttle on towards Barga and take an informative stroll around the next town: Barga through its Duome dominating the valley. 

    At a Glance: 
     Morning:bus transfer Barga-Castelnuovo G. (20min.)Weekly market and visit Castelnuovo 
    • Lunch: local typical tavern in town (Vecchio Mulino) 
    Bus ride Castelnuovo G.- Barga : 25 min
    • Afternoon THike: Barga visit; 
    Dinner: FREE in Barga
    • Overnight : Hotel La Pergola – Barga 

  5. Day 5- Fri 17.6.22- Into the Valley: Barga town and loop around its treasures

    Today no bus shuttle, just a nice loop walking around the hills to get discovering the features of this little but yet elegant town, enjoying a great panorama from its hill-top-church. THen we proceed into the country with an easy trekking leading us around to visit a couple of nice sites, where we’ll stop learning about wine production and then azafran along with much more.

    At a glance: 
    • Trekking- Barga loop: 4 hrs 
    • Dinner & Overnight: Hotel La Pergola – Barga 
    • Luggage Transfer:-

  6. Day 6 – Sat 18.6.22 – Mediavalle Trekking and Macea visit 

    From Barga We start again with a bus ride to Borgo a Mozzano, going to visit the lower Garfagnana Valley: a smooth loop starting from “the devil’s bridge” through settlements and Vineyards. Our loop will end visiting a particular farm  called Macea, where Wine and Olive Oil is produced  according to the biodinamic agricultural techinique: we will  eventually taste the results of this
    At a Glance: 
    • Train or Bus ride: Barga – Borgo a Mozzano: approx. 20Min 
    • Trekking- Macea loop: 3 hrs + Macea Visit (1h) 
    • Back bus ride Borgo a Mozzano- La Ceragetta :40 min 
    • • Dinner & Overnight: La Ceragetta Resort 
    • Luggage transfer (Barga-La Ceragetta): provided by Guide’s association “Il Bivacco”
    Macea particolare

  7. Day 7 – Sun 19.6.22 Puntato loop from La Ceragetta 

    Directly from our lodge La Ceragetta we take a walk crossing the valley, first across the dam of Isola Santa Lake, then up to the apuan pastures of Puntato, where the nature and the views will let us know about this second mountain range: Apuan Alps are mostly made by marble, and we will visit few spots in order to tell the history of exploitation.
    Eventually we will loop back to La Ceragetta, ready to celebrate the end of our walking tour with a dinner in a very panoramic place. 
    At a glance: 
    • Trekking Puntato loop : 6hrs; Elevation Gain: +600m up; Lenght: 10Km
    Lunch: Pic nic style (self managed) 
    Dinner&Overnight:La Ceragetta Resort 

  8. Day 8- Mo 20.6.22 – Free time in La Ceragetta before departure 

    Let’s enjoy a nice breakfast and have a last view to the surrounding mountain peaks before we start our transfer back to Milan Airport
    At a glance: 
    • Transfer to Milan Airport to be determined according to Flight schedule (h: 14:00)
    Alpi Apuane Outdoor e Relax